Step-by-Step Breakdown
Step 1: Waitlist Process
The first step to get one of our puppies is to request a spot on our waitlist. To do this, fill out our Puppy Waitlist Questionnaire.
I f you are approved, you’ll be added to the waitlist—generally, at some point in the year, we will have enough puppies
for everyone on the waitlist.
Step 2: Visiting the litter
We hold a puppy visit day for each litter on the weekend closest to the puppies’ 5 week mark. Everyone who has
purchased a puppies from the litter is invited to come meet their puppy in person on this day. You are welcome to bring a
friend or a few family members along to meet the puppies. However, we do require you to leave any other pets you have at
Step 3: Updates and pictures
I enjoy the whole process of raising a litter of puppies, but I will fully disclose that it takes a tremendous amount of time,
energy, and commitment. I send pictures and updates at birth, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks. I will either text or email you
based on your preferred method of communication. This has been the balance I have found that works for my schedule. I
usually take the pictures over the weekend and send them out on Monday closest to the ages listed above. We know you are
excited to get to know your puppy, which is why we prioritize this aspect of our business.
Step 4: Picking my puppy
Do I get to pick my puppy? Yes, you do! When you are offered a puppy, and you put down your deposit, you automatically
reserve a spot to pick a puppy. How this works is that if you are the second person to put down a deposit then you get to
chose your puppy second and so on and so forth. First pick is reserved for whoever buys the pick-of-the-litter-option. If no one
buys this option, I do reserve to right to withhold my personal pick-of-the-litter from the choosing process. So when do we get
to chose our puppies? Choosing your puppy happens when the puppies are 5 weeks old. Before the puppy visiting day, we will
be in contact to find out who will and won’t be able to make the trip to visit the puppies. If you can come, great! You’ll be able
to chose in person. And if you can’t come, don’t worry—your spot in the choosing order will still be honored. You will pick
based on the photos you’ve received. Additionally, if you need more help picking, I am able to offer a Face Time call on or
before visiting day to let you see the puppies in action.
Step 5: Paying for your puppy
You will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of $750 to hold your puppy once we have a litter that you will get a
puppy from. By the two weeks, you will finish paying the remaining balance of $1750. At that point, your puppy will be paid
in full!
Step 6: Preparing for your Puppy
It can seem like an eternity as you wait for your puppy to reach 9-10 weeks old so I encourage you to make your purchases
to get ready for puppy during this time. Some things to purchase in advance are the bedding, crate, kennel, dog food &
supplements, puppy food & water bowls, and dog toys. Another thing you’ll want to do during this time is research vets in
your area and schedule your puppy’s first vet visit. Now is also a good time to read up potty training & leash training and look
into puppy training classes in your area. All these things combined will help you be better prepared when you bring your
puppy home.
Step 7: Pick up time!
At 9 weeks, your puppy will finally be ready to go home with you! I will work with families to arrange pick up times that
work for all parties involved about a week before pick up.
Step 8: Home with your puppy
You did it! You made it through the process of finding the right breeder for you, the waitlist that probably felt like forever, and
waiting for your puppy to finally be old enough to come home with you. Congratulations! Now comes the fun part you get to
go for walks, introduce your friends to your new puppy, and most importantly, love on your puppy. And sure, there will be
hard parts too like the first time your puppy chews up your shoes or when they have an accident during the potty training
period. But trust us, it’s all worth it for your new best friend!
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